The Challenges of Instructional Design and Development in Biology Education in Nigeria
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Publish date: 2014-09-15
European J Hlth Biol 2014;3(1):1–7
The paper focuses on the changes in the instructional design of a science course resulted from the implementation of modern information technologies in science education. This is a descriptive study and has three major research questions. The target population consist of biology teachers in tertiary institutions in Rivers State. Data were collected using a questionnaire of a four point likert scale. The validity and reliability of the instrument were ascertained using experts in the field. Ten science teachers in Imo State were used for the test retest exercise, and a reliability of 0.75 was obtained using Pearson product movement correlation coefficient. Frequencies, percentage and mean were the statistics used to take decision on the research questions. The findings revealed the required competencies and there constraints as well as identify the various strategies for science teachers to adhere to create e-learning.
Jacinta A. Opara   
Universidad Azteca, MEXICO